Hopefully the first of many…

In some cruel parallel universe I would be unable to bake.  I have been baking desserts for a little over last 10 years or so and can’t think of another thing that I love more.  Well maybe cleaning but that is another story altogether.  This weekend was like every other – bending over a cookbook or surfing the internet for a recipe that I could tweak and make my own.  I decided on two completely opposite dishes. The first was a wonderful chocolate cake with homemade whipped cream and the second a pumpkin mouse.  The chocolate cake I adapted from the cookbook “From my Home to Yours” by Dorie Greenspan.  I have never made one of her recipes and my fiancé K had just given me one of her cookbooks for Christmas.  I thought that if this woman could cook alongside Julia Child then she must be good!  The cake came out a little dry, but it could because of my tweaks.  Sometimes I am a little heavy handed when it comes to messing with a recipe and this time it seems to have gotten the best of me.  The whipped cream came out heavenly though.  Light and fluffy just as it should be.  The second recipe was the pumpkin mouse.  Now I think I hit the mark with this one.  The recipe I adapted from Ina Garten.  The recipe was so simple to put together. Yet it yielded way more then indicated.  The recipe said it would be enough for eight people, but when I made it it was enough to feed at least ten to twelve.  There was so much left over that I was able to bring the rest to work. The girls loved it!



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