# 9. Try three new fruits (1/3)

Well isn’t today a day full of firsts!  K and I decided that we should dig into one of the new fruits (1 of 3) that we had gotten at the farmers market earlier this week.  We decided on the pummelo.  Pummelos are the largest of all citrus fruit. The Pummelo is said to be the ancestor of the grapefruit although it is much sweeter and less acidic than one. Pummelos have been a treasured food in Asia and other regions for many years. This exotic fruit is fairly round or slightly pear shaped. The yellow rind of the Pummelo is thick and spongy and the delicate flesh ranges from pink to rosy in color. The fruit generally has 11 to 18 segments, making it perfect to share!  Share we did! 


K – “Fleshy. Medium on taste.  Not something I would get again, but was good to try.”

Me – “Very hard to get to the flesh.  Medium on taste.  Left a slight aftertaste, lighter less tart sister of the grapefruit.  Fun to try!”

The Beginning

The Beginning

The Middle

The Middle

The End

The End


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