Three pounds lighter…

Woot! Three pounds closer to my ideal (or close to it) weight.  Today was the first weigh in at work. As a group we are doing our own sort of “Biggest Loser”.  We are in the first month of a three month contest.  At the end of each month there is a winner and they get that months “gift”.  The “gift” for this month is a Wii and Wii Fit.  I am extremely excited because K and I have wanted one for months and this would be the perfect opportunity (and not to mention save us a ton of money).  This contest has been quite the transformation for me.  I am the type who always ate whatever she wanted, didn’t care and loved the way I looked.  I am on the slightly overweight side and lately noticed that I am not as comfortable with the way I look as I used to be.  I have switched completely from “bad food” to what you would call “good food”.  Cookies, cakes, pasta, lots of bread, and anything fried have gone out the window.  Veggies, fruits, yogurt, and whole grains are now part of my regular diet.  I do let myself cheat every once and while.  You need little indulgences. Right now I am coming in 4th place in the contest!  I really need to start stepping up my game! 


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