Who do you make happy…yourself or everyone else?

The dilemma I am having this week is about the wedding. When I told friends and family that K and I were getting married, they were all so excited. Everyone knows that when we have our wedding it is going to be filled with love, fun and lots of dancing. I want the traditional wedding with everyone I know to be there. Financially though it is not an option. I don’t want to go into dept for one day. K and I are very conservative with the way we spend our money and how we save. Yes, we have our own amount a dept, but really it isn’t that bad. I believe if we have the wedding that everyone is expecting it will bring us more into the hole that we do not want to be in. I have spoken to my parents about this and they are amazing. They just want us to be happy and even suggested we have a very small, intimate gathering with our closest friends and family. Afterwards, we could then go on an amazing honeymoon. One of our closest couple friends has done this. They didn’t want to spend $20,000 to who knows how much money on their wedding. What they did was have their parents, siblings and a couple of close friends come. After all was said and done, they had cards with pictures sent out letting everyone know that they were now married. They did have some people who were pretty pissed, but K and I thought it was a wonderful idea. I am not saying that we are defanent on this idea, but it is one we are thinking about.


2 thoughts on “Who do you make happy…yourself or everyone else?

  1. You make yourself happy. Take it from someone who’ll be paying off wedding loans for a while. It will be the best day of your life (seriously) no matter what form or format it takes.

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