# 9. Try three new fruits (2/3)

Another one bites the dust!  Last night K and I tried the package of kumquats that we had bought at the farmers market.  The kumquat is a from a small group of fruit-bearing trees in the flowering plant family. The edible fruit closely resembles that of the orange is usually smaller and oval. Kumquats are eaten raw most of the time. As the rind is sweet and the juicy center is sour and salty, the raw fruit is usually consumed either whole, to savor the contrast, or only the rind is eaten. The fruit is considered ripe when it reaches a yellowish-orange stage, and has just shed the last tint of green. Many kumquats are candied, made into preserves, marmalade’s, and jellies. Kumquats appear more commonly as a martini garnish, replacing the classic olive. They can also be sliced and added to salads. With all the ways that you can work with the kumquat, we decided to just eat it raw.


K – “I like it. Nice and tart…just up my alley!”

D- “I don’t like it. To tart, sour and just not enough fruit for me”



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