#15, #16 and #42 down!

15. Try at least 2 different kinds of nuts (2/2)
I have never been a really big nut person. The only nuts that I have ever really eaten have been peanuts. It is not that I am afraid to try new things; it was just that I never really liked the taste. I guess now that I am an adult, my taste buds have changed. The two new nuts I tried were cashews and walnuts. I was really a fan of the cashews. The walnuts were a bit bland for my taste.

16. Spend a week logging what I eat
I have to say that this one was an eye opener. You never really realize how much food you eat until you write everything down. I logged everything from the smallest nut to dinners. I even logged everything that I had to drink. Amazingly, it has taught me to really look at and want to eat everything that I put into my mouth.

42. Create a website for my photography
I actually did not realize that I have done this one! Lol. I now have a flickr account.


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