Flour in the kitchen

Every cook needs a good apron. Or at least that is what I thought. I was talking with the ladies at work this week about cooking. We were talking about all of our adventures into new foods and how we work in the kitchen. Some are able to cook with everyone around them while others need to be completely left alone. The subject came to aprons. I was completely surprised to find out that none of them wore an apron at any time. It seems that most of them thought that the idea of aprons was very “1950’s housewife” in which we had to slave away in the kitchen all day. I disagree. Personally, I wear aprons whenever I’m going to be in the kitchen for more than about 30 minutes. I love wearing an apron because it helps me get in the mood and the pockets are perfect for things that I need to carry (my cell phone usually is one of them). I also have something I can wipe my hands on and not have to worry about the clothing I am wearing. It is easy especially when you have company over and need to be dressed up but also need to still be in the kitchen. Then I realized that the fact might be a lot of them don’t really cook “real” food. That they just don’t bother or don’t really have a need for one. How dirty can you really get throwing frozen pizza in the oven or dialing the phone to order in some food?

{An another apron I want to get from Boojboo}


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