#20, #25 and #69 down also!

# 20. Rent and watch 5 classic movies (4/5)
As I was overlooking my 101 in 1001 list I noticed that I actually only have one more classic movie to watch and then I am done with # 20. I have so far watched 3 Hitchcock films and The Network. All are classic movies and all are on my IMDB Top 250 Movies.

# 25. Get lunch out only 5 times for 1 month
I have to say I did even better then I thought with this one.  I only went out to lunch 3 times last month.  The only reason I did was because we had 2 birthday lunchs and a Chinese New Year lunch.  Otherwise I brown bagged it (or in my case my purple monogramed lunch bag).  I did so because of the “Biggest Loser” contest we are having.  It is so much easier to bring something healthy from home then it is to find something healthy for lunch from a take out place.

# 69. Bring my reusable shopping bags everywhere and use them
I have yet to bring one plastic or paper bag into the house since I made the 101 in 1001 list. I have around 10 or so reusable bags and never leave home without them! The one below is amazing and I have around three in different colors. The bag rolls up into a tiny, compact package so it’s easy to always have one with you – small enough to stow into a glove compartment or a handbag. To use, unsnap its closure tab and unroll. The bag expands to hold the equivalent of two grocery plastic bags. To stow, simply fold the bag into thirds, roll up (like a sleeping bag), wrap tabs and snap together. Easy as pie!

No more paper or plastic for me!
{Get one for yourself!}


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