# 48. Hand write a letter to a friend

Today I drop a line to say hello to my best friend via the mail. Yes, I said it right…the mail! The other day when I was at my parent’s house we found some old things of mine. In a case were letters from years and years ago. It reminded me of the good old days when we used to write each other letters even though we only lived blocks away. It was also one of the “projects” that I had on my 101 in 1001 list. I believe that writing is a dying art. People don’t write letters anymore. We have become so addicted to instant communication that the very idea of writing someone a letter seems ancient. I read an article once that said “If Abraham Lincoln, or Ernest Hemingway had only used e-mail, would we have the same record of them that we possess through their letters and journals today? If Jefferson had sent text messages to Adams, think what would have been lost to history”. I believe that to be completely true. Also a letter is a personal thing, even more now because we live in an increasingly disconnected world, and because they take time and effort to produce. I know they teach writing in school, but I don’t know how much they cover when it comes to addressing and formatting. At work we have children write letters to their parents to thank them for our services. We have “cheat sheets” because almost half of them don’t know how to write a letter. Sometimes we have to redo the envelopes because the children don’t know where to put the address. This saddens me.


2 thoughts on “# 48. Hand write a letter to a friend

  1. How wonderful and refreshing it is to read of someone who looks upon the importance of correspondence via the personal touch.

    A delightful post and one in which I hope many shall read 🙂

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