Positive with a capital P!

I was thinking the other day and trying to figure how to get the negativity out of my life and replace it with more positive and appreciative things.  Some say that the way to have a positive attitude and a positive life is to surround yourself only with positive things and positive people. I am going to try to avoid negative people.   To avoid gossip.  To take the high ground.  Be the bigger person.  Ignore the petty stuff.  Remember what is important in life. My family, my friends, my health and my happiness.  I have been depressed when nothing goes right (haven’t we all).  Sometimes it seems like the whole world is against me and all I want is to crawl up in a ball and cry.  I can simply wallow in my own existence or decide to not let it affect me, take it and learn from it.  Hopefully I can give myself this gift.  The gift to let it all go and be a happier person.


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