The new and improved # 32

# 32. Buy and/or win a Wii – will now be changed to # 32. Save money to buy a house

So I decided to change my # 32 in my 101 in 1001 list. K and I have been discussing it and we decided that we really don’t need a Wii. We just bought rock band and most of our friends already have the Wii. If we want to play we can go by their houses or they can just bring it to our apartment. The contest at work has giving away both Wii’s and we didn’t win. That’s ok. So instead of the Wii I have decided to change # 32 to Save money to buy a house. We have been discussing it lately and it is something that we both have dreamt about for a while now. We would love to own our own place and not pay rent anymore. Hopefully we can soon buy our dream home.


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