#93. Try 5 new restaurants (3/5) – Cafe Cafe

Cafe Cafe  
16 Glen Road
Rutherford, NJ 
T: (201) 460-4442

Rating: * *
Price: $$

Saturday night a couple of friends and I decided to try another new place.  We are so used to the usuals that we craved something different.  C suggested that we go to Cafe Cafe.  Her sister and father had been there before and liked it.  It is a quaint little Latin place that you definitely need reservations for.  The place packed up quickly.  At first I liked the fact that it was a small place because I thought that we would get excellent service.  That was not what happen.  I must say that the food was very good, but the service was the only thing lacking.  They had two waiters and the cooks in the back.  It seemed that they had so much on their plates that they didn’t have time to come to our table to serve drinks till we were almost finished eating our appetizers.  Then when it came to dinner, three of us had ordered the same thing and only one came out.  While the others ate, C and I had to wait for our food.  I had no problem with it, but it should not have happen in a place so small.   I think that I would like to go during an off hour to see how the place is.  It might have been that it was so packed that the wait staff was a bit overwhelmed. 

Some of the dishes we tried:

Yuca Frita – Yuca fries with garlic cilantro mayonnaise

Empanadas – Chicken filled crispy turnovers

Enchiladas de Pollo – Chicken filled tortillas topped with green tomatillo sauce, served with hand mashed pinto beans

Chuletas Con Guava – Grilled pork chops topped with a light guava sauce.


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