# 17. Try 10 new foods (1/10) – Brisket

17. Try 10 new foods (1/10)

So I have never tried brisket before.  Brisket is a beef cut taken from the breast section beneath the first five ribs, behind the foreshank.  A friend at work told me she made one over the weekend and it was great.  I decided to make one of my own. Now I am in love with my slow cooker so I decided that I would use that instead of baking or grilling it.   I love the way the meat tastes after simmering for hours in a slow cooker. The meat just falls apart and the tastes are so much better because they have really incorporated themselves with the meat.

BBQ Brisket
1 brisket
1 cup of Worchester sauce

1 bottle of your favorite beer
1/3 cup brown sugar
1 bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce (I used Jack Daniel’s…yummm!)
1 small onion (chopped)

Place all the ingredients and set slow cooker on low. Cook for approximately 8 to 9 hours.


{Brisket with veggie rice and salad}

*Served with a salad, italian bread and veggie rice.

One thought on “# 17. Try 10 new foods (1/10) – Brisket

  1. This sounds yumm. I have a reception to cook for next week and will add beer to my recipe for a traditional corned beef boiled dinner.

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