The Saturday Seven

The Saturday Seven

I am always on the internet.  Searching for new things to find.  Be it food, restaurants, shops, website.  Anything.  So I have decided to start writing the Saturday Seven.  The Saturday Seven will be the seven top sites I have visited or found that week.  I am constantly e-mail friends about sites, so this would be the perfect place to keep them.  It is ridiculous how many sites I have bookmarked or e-mailed.  Enjoy!

1.  Vosges – I am completely in love with their Mini Dark Exotic Candy Bar Library.  They also have the most outrageous candy bar ever – A Bacon Bar.  That’s right. You read right.  A Bacon Bar. 

2.  Cashmere and Cupcakes – This site makes me want to dress better.  Makes me wish that I had her style.  Unfortunately I don’t but I still love reading about hers.

3.  Apartment Therapy – Don’t we all need a little Therapy now and then?  This site is always my go to when I need ideas for K and my apartment.

4.  Sur La Table – I want to buy EVERYTHING.  Enough said.

5.  Smitten Kitchen – An amazing cook. An amazing website. 

6.  Rebecca Thuss – If I had the money I would have her design my wedding.  Completely gorgeous!

7.  Cannelle-vanille – Every photograph is amazing.  Makes me wish I could design food as exquisitely as they do.


One thought on “The Saturday Seven

  1. I have a sick relationship with Cashmere and Cupcakes. I envy her style and everything so much that I almost hate her… but I can’t look away, either.

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