Who has all the cookbooks in the library? I do. I do.

Sometimes I find that I can’t get enough of cookbooks.  The local public library is always missing some because it seems that is all I want to take out.  I do like to search each cookbook for dishes I have never made before.  As of late I have been searching for more exotic flavors. Geographically faraway dishes with flair.  Since I don’t have the money right now to travel, I try to take the trip right in my kitchen.  I have been researching dumplings, pork buns and pot stickers.  I love Asian cuisine and hope to learn more techniques and dishes from the culture.  I have been able to perfect sushi so now onto something a bit harder.  I have always loved to learn new things and cooking is ever changing.  There is always a new technique or flavor that you can learn about.  Sometimes I am amazed what people do with food.  How they come up with a unique flavor or just how it is presented.  I have been thinking a lot lately about going into the food business.  It has been on my mind for years, but for some reason this year it has been front and center.  I enjoy making and presenting food, but can I make it in the food business?  Who knows.  We will have to see what the future brings…


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