# 12. Read 30 new books I haven’t read before (2/30) – Double Cross by James Patterson

# 12. Read 30 new books I haven’t read before (2/30)

Double Cross
By James Patterson

Patterson’s 13th Alex Cross thriller pits the legendary profiler, now retired from law enforcement and working as a psychiatrist in private practice, against two serial killers. Kyle Craig, Cross’s former colleague in the FBI, has managed to escape from a Colorado maximum-security prison and is steadily working his way through his list of those he holds responsible for his capture and incarceration. Cross, who heads the list, is drawn back into police work by his love interest, Maryland homicide detective Brianna Stone, who’s been assigned to the task force focusing on the D.C. Audience Killer (or DCAK), who stages high-profile and sadistic murders to get the most public attention possible.

I am always a fan of Patterson’s. He has the know how to keep me interested. He is one of the rare authors whose books I buy without question. I love a good mystery and this one was a good one. A new murder at every turn and oh my how are they going to catch the killers? My only complaint was that I didn’t feel Alex Cross in this one. He didn’t seem like the same Alex Cross he usually was. He was a less attentive psychologist, less attentive father and a bit of a horny teenager. I feel that if he had been more in tune to himself he would have found what he was looking for a lot quicker.


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