Sweet Wednesdays…

Wednesday the fourth day of the week. The day between Tuesday and Thursday.  The only one that starts with a W.  Also known as Hump Day.  My favorite day.  K and I are lucky enough to work in amazing jobs that give us this day off every week.   It is my favorite day because it is always a surprise.  I never know if it is going to be the day that we decide to go on a day trip or just sit around and do nothing but read and watch tv.  I am grateful for this day.  It helps me with the insanity of my week.  It calms me like no Saturday can.  I love that fact that if you go anywhere on a Wednesday there will be no lines.  The streets are clearer and the possibles are endless.  We never really plan our Wednesday because we like it to the be the day that we are spontaneous.  The day that we can wake up and not have somewhere that we need to be.  Our weeks are usually all planned out (by me of course) and this is the perfect day to shy away from that.  On any given Wednesday you might see us taking a hike in the local park, having a picnic on the lawn on a nice sunny day, taking pictures of random things, playing video games or board games, baking, catching a movie or even shopping.  On the days that K can not be with me on a Wednesday I usually get all of the household things done such as laundry, food shopping and cleaning.  This way when we do get a moment during the week that we don’t have something planned we can just be with each other.  I count my blessings everyday that we have this special day available.



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