A place to call home…

I love walking through my front door! There this amazing feeling I get when I walk through my door. I just know I am home. K had a really hard time adjusting when we first moved here. He said that he didn’t have the feeling that it was home. I told him that it takes a while to really feel like a place is your own. After a couple of months I am happy to say that he finally felt it. Our place is a collection of things that we love and make us happy every time we look at them. I don’t buy pieces because they fit within my home, but because they represent us – every piece has a detail that sets us apart and reflects our personalities. We build our home around playful and personal things. At any given moment you may see a quirky drawing of bunnies or a well placed Patrick Dempsey doll (a joke given to us by his brother). We lean towards mixing and matching styles and trends. But we have reached a compromise by keeping things clean and simple (everything has its place and should always be in its place – I am a bit OCD). I always try to make everyone feel cozy without feeling overwhelmed. The only regret that I have regarding our apartment is that we never got to paint it. I am all about color. Unfortunately, when we first moved in it was advised that we did not color the walls. So we were stuck with white walls. I don’t mind it as much as I did when we first moved in. We have brought in color is so many ways – paintings, vases, candles and fabrics. I am happy that we have grown into our place. When we first moved here it was a bit of a mish mosh of things that people had given us – it still is but we have been able to spin our own personalities into each piece. I am grateful for being able to have a place that I can call home.


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