The Saturday Seven

1. The Kitchen – great website for all things Kitchen (meals and ideas for your kitchen)

2. Pinch my Salt – I think the next recipe I will be trying will be the Coconut Lime Cake. It looks amazing!

3. Marc Johns – His drawings always give me a bit of a giggle.

4. All Things Cupcake – anything that you want or need (be it tattoos, note cards or anything your little cupcake heart desires) regarding cupcakes is here!

5. How about orange… – DYI Everything! There are so many things that I want to make on this site. Now I just have to find the time too…

6. TasteSpotting – I am not kidding…every photograph makes me drool. lol. This site links you to so many sites with so many amazing dishes. You will never know what to make first!

7. Greener Grass Design – they have amazing individual, design-oriented products! So many things to buy…so little money!


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