A little of this…a little of that…

Another successful get-together.  I love entertaining.  I am always amazed at the end of a night when K and I have had people over.  Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the planning that I forget to breath.  I want to make everyone feel welcome.  Spending time with my friends always makes us happy and I love having them over.  I want them all to leave and think to themselves “Yes I had a good time”.    I believe that yesterday was a success and hope that they had fun.  With everything that we had to do before everyone came over (work, the meeting, and the preparation) I have to say that I think we did an amazing job.  For one, I made sure that everything was ready for the night.  I am the type of person that needs everything made fresh that day.  No prep work the day before because I just don’t feel that the finished product is quite as good.  The only thing that I did the night before was set the table.  This way it wasn’t something that we had to worry about the day of and we could put all of our efforts into the meal (even though this meal wasn’t really hard).  I decided on making Penne alla Vodka with prosciutto.  It was good, but everything could always be better. 

I have always strived from the very start to make meals/desserts as perfect as they can be.  When I was younger I would watch my mother cook with ease and wish that one day I could be like her.  She never seemed to need a recipe.  She would just say, “Now Danielle, you put a little of this and a little of that.”  It would always come out amazing.  I have learned so much from my mother while watching her as a child.  She showed me how to make my first cookie.  How to make my first cake.  How to shape a meatball or roll out dough for a pie.  Now that I am adult, cooking reminds me to the times we spent together in the kitchen.  Times when I would help her make Thanksgiving dinner.  When we would listen to 70’s music, dance around and feel the warm heat from the oven.  I miss those days as a child…


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