Happy Easter!

The one thing that I am always asked to do when going to a family function is bake.  I can’t tell you how many texts I get before I leave the house to make sure I have the dessert.  I even have to make special baked goods for certain people.  Nana is always asking for banana bread.  She requests it in advance and wants me to always make her a loaf so the she can take it home with her.  She freezes it and says that every morning she and Pop pop will warm a slice up and have it with their coffee.  My cousin will ask for my blueberry crumb cake.   The kids are always asking for the cupcakes.  My father asks for cake with chocolate icing.  My mother crumb cake.  My sister the banana bread also.  I love baking for each and every one of them.  It gives me such joy to know that they enjoy what I am making and it can put a smile on their faces.  Today I decided to make the cupcakes and the banana bread (I actually made several banana breads for people so they could take them home).  A good time was had and everyone went home full!



Banana Bread!

{Banana Bread}


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