Pet peeves

The other day a group of us were sitting around just chatting about pet peeves. Everyone has them. It is funny how many people have them. Some you realize we all have while others you can’t believe bother people. I am one of the people who is so OCD that some things bother her..a lot. I happen to live with someone who isn’t bothered by anything. Well that is not completely true…almost anything. It is amazing how laid back K is and how he lacks the “annoyed” gene. He has taught me a lot about trying not to let things bother me. I have to say that I have gotten much better then I used to be….sort of.

A bit of the list everyone came up with (we had quite the laugh):

  • When someone positions the toilet paper roll in the wrong direction (roll should pull from the top)
  • Leaving the toilet seat up – K and I had to come to an agreement. The whole seat must be put down all the time. He feels it is unfair that he had to put in down but I don’t. This way we both do and it is fair.
  • When people don’t keep a steady supply of toilet paper in the bathroom
  • When someone takes the last of the tissues but doesn’t replace them
  • Forgetting to replace the bar of soap and only realizing this once you’re in the shower….grrr…
  • Getting out of the shower and realizing that you forgot to put the towel by the shower and now it is all the way across the room (meaning the floor is going to get completely wet)
  • When someone takes the last paper towel and doesn’t replace the roll
  • Dirty dishes in general
  • Cleaning dishes that have been in the sink for a long amount of time without water – everything is completely stuck on. You shouldn’t have to sweat to get the dishes done
  • Clean dishes left for a long amount of time in the dish rack. Ugh…put them away already!
  • Waking up in the middle of the night to realize you are freezing because the other person decided to steal all of the blankets.
  • Waking up to someone elses alarm on your only day off
  • Kitchen half-assedness – cleaning only some of the counters, leaving food in the drain, or having a puddle of water build up on the counter
  • Not replacing the ice in the freezer
  • When someone pours a big glass of water and doesn’t refill the pitcher
  • When someone takes almost the last of the “enter drink here” and only leave a drop left BUT decides to put it back in the fridge
  • When someone crumples up a piece of tissue, throws it in the garbage and misses BUT doesn’t pick it up and leaves it on the side of the garbage
  • Not replacing the trash bag after taking out the trash
  • A dishwasher with a clean load that has not been emptied all day
  • Not rinsing the toothpaste from the sink after brushing teeth….ewww!
  • Not deconstructing boxes before putting them in the recycling bin – come on people we all live here!
  • Throw away the junk mail, don’t just leave in on the counter
  • Having a conversation with a person who is constantly texting
  • Hairs left in the sink after shaving
  • Leaving wet towels on the floor
  • Not putting an item on the list for shopping, going shopping and then coming home to find out there is an item you need but someone didn’t put it on the list
  • Being on the subway, train, bus, line, restaurant, or anywhere and having to listen to a person talk on a cell phone
  • People who stop their shopping cart in the middle of an aisle at the supper market
  • Never being able to find the right top that fits on a tuberwear
  • When the sponge isn’t squeezed after it has been used
  • Having to listen to a person chew (this one made us laugh a lot – i didn’t know it bothered some people)
  • The sound of someone rubbing their feet on the floor
  • Seeing someone sneeze into their hand and then going in to shake hands…gross!
  • When you DVR/Tivo something and you miss the last 5 minutes because another show “ran” over
  • People that “saturate” themselves with so much perfume or cologne
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