The Saturday Seven

1.  Stephanies Kitchen – stumbled upon this website and truly enjoy it.  There are many simple recipes that I would love to make. 

2. Jin Patisserie– Kristy Choo is amazing. I go to this website sometimes just to look at the art of her work. It is amazing.

3. Uncommon Goods– a place to find some very unusual and funky stuff. I adore the glassware and want to purchase most of them!

4. Sugarlaws – there are many, many, many and one more many recipes that I would like to make from this site. Now I just need more hours to be added to my days!

5. The Bride’s Cafe – ever since the engagement I have been surfing around for ideas for the wedding. I have some in my head, but there are so many site out there and so many ideas. I just can’t wrap my mind around which I should go with. This site has many good ideas.

6. All recipes– this is my total go to place for recipes. I love reading the reviews on a recipe I am about to make to see what little changes or comments people have. It really helps me with the finished dish.

7. The Iron Cupcake– I want to do this so bad – too bad about the whole “I can’t find enough time to do everything I want” Grrrr!


2 thoughts on “The Saturday Seven

  1. I love Uncommon Goods. I’ve bought some really great gifts for people from there. Tom’s a huge fan of All Recipes.

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