Down this road – who knows where it will lead me?

After reading Bookish Penguin’s blog and an old livejournal post I did years ago I realized how different my life is today from what I thought my life would be like as a child.  When I was quite young I wanted to be a nurse.  I have always loved helping people and thought that that is what nurses did.  I wanted the cute white outfits they would wear in the movies.  Unfortunately later in life I realized that I would have to work with blood.  I have a loooong lasting phobia of blood and operations.  Funny how when you are younger you don’t realize certain things. 
After realizing this, I wanted to be a ballet dancer.  I had been taking classes for as long as I could remember and loved it.  I loved the feeling of expressing myself through dance.  BUT I also wanted to be an FBI agent.  I had always (and still am) been a fan of solving things.  Be it a movie, puzzle, game or novel.  I have a quick mind when it comes to solving things and like to think outside the box.  When I first met K he would usually be annoyed at me because I would know the outcome of a “who did it” movie in the first 20 minutes of a film.  Now a days he tries to beat me to the outcome.  Sometimes he can, but usually I win.   Unfortunately, an FBI agent/ballet dancer is not what I ended up being.  I was told due to my knees (after years of dancing) that I would sooner or later need an operation if I kept going to the rate I was.  I never wanted to be a desk agent, so I never went through with it.  I still to this day have problem with my knees, but never went for the operation. 

Those are just a couple of the things that I wanted to be as a child.  I still think of things I would like to be.  I have never let that childhood wonder go.  I want to be a baker.  I want to own my own coffee shop.  I want to be a chef.  I want to be a travel writer.  I want to pen my own novel.  I still continue to want to dance.  I know that I may not accomplish any of these or I may accomplish some, but I am glad to know I still can look forward and not worry about where it may lead me.  No matter where I am going, I know I will want to be there.


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