I am exhausted

I am exhausted.  So exhausted that I can’t believe I am even sitting here writing this.  Today was one of the most jam packed days that I have had in a while.  As soon as I woke up I had to jump into the shower and head off to work.  My boss had asked me to do my flex hours today instead of Friday so that the computer guys could redo the computers and that I could also have a three day weekend.  As soon as I heard three day weekend I said ok.  So after doing my flex hours and typing up 34 patient/doctor letters in four hours, I ran off to K’s brother and fiances place to help them pack their truck to move to San Diego.  We packed their truck and carried so many things down.  Up and down and up and down (please remind me never ever to get an apartment on the third floor).  Even though it was a lot of work we still had a lot of fun.  Those two can make anything fun!  After hours of packing the truck K and I headed home.  K’s brother had given us a plant (well it is more like a tree now) and it weighted about 100 pounds.  We had a bit of trouble packing it up, but once we got it into my car we were fine.  When we got to the apartment we unpacked the car, he started a bit of his homework and I picked up around the apartment and got ready for the next day.  We then got ready to go back out with K’s brother and his fiance for dinner.  We are trying to spend as much time with them before they leave because we are going to miss them so much.   We ate at their favorite hang out and spent a couple of hours planning our trips to go out to California to see them, a road trip, 4thof July weekend, and just talking about everything that was going on withour lives.  I am so happy we were able to spend today with them.  They are two of the most amazing people and I am truly going to miss them so much.

Now off to bed so that I can start another day tomorrow! (Work then the last big get together for K’s brother and fiance before they leave on Friday morning!)


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