#43 of 101 things & Day 2 of DBBB

Two for one today! This is my Day 2 of the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge (make a list post) and # 43. Make a list of 101 things to do before I die (right now it is 82 of 101…I still have a couple that need to think about before I add them to my list).  Part of the list of things to do before I die I have had for a while.  I think that lists are the best way to get things done and show your progress.  The ones in blue are the ones that I have already done.  I am excited to start on some more of them!

1. Swim with dolphins
2. Go whale watching
3. Travel to Europe
4. Scuba dive in Australia
5. Fly in a hot air balloon
6. Go white water rafting
7. See the Eifle Tower in person
8. Take a hike in a rainforest
9. See an active volcano in Hawaii
10. Have the body of my dreams
11. Visit California
12. Be completely dept free
13. Write a best seller
14. Become good at something meaningful
15. Have at least one child
16. Own a home
17. Take a camping trip in Maine
18. See the pyramids of Egypt
19. Write a screenplay
20. Influence my kids as much as my parents have influenced me
21. Give blood (anyone who knows me knows that this will be hard!)
22. Learn to play the guitar or piano
23. See a bullfight
24. Spend the night on a boat
25. See a space shuttle launch
26. Take a cruise
27. Learn French
28. See the Grand Canyon (on the ground not from a plane!)
29. Travel cross country
30. See the Northern Lights
31. Ride a gondola in Venice
32. See the Great Wall of China
33. Learn to ballroom dance
34. Learn to ride a horse
35. Sell some of my baked goods
36. Learn self defense
37. Learn yoga
38. Win the lottery
39. Take a cooking class and learn to cook better
40. Learn to sew
41. Buy a new car
42. Visit Alaska
43. Stay in a suite of a 5 star hotel
44. Take a photograph I can proudly hang on my wall
45. Attend a major film festival
46. Make someone cry with happiness
47. Plant a tree
48. Brew my own beer
49. Get a personal massage
50. Write my will
51. Spend a night in a castle
52. Make my own cookbook
53. Ride on a motorcycle
54. Save enough to live comfortably during retirement
55. Learn to drive stick shift
56. Run in marathon
57. Learn to make the perfect cheesecake
58. Visit Yosemite National Park
59. Open my own cafe/bakery
60. Start my own business
61. Visit the Vatican City
62. Visit the Louvre
63. Go fishing
64. Grow my own garden
65. Learn to shoot a gun
66. Paint a Picture Good Enough to Hang on the Wall
67. Save my Pocket Money for a Month and Spend It All at Once
68. Research my Family Tree
69. Meet Someone Famous
70. Ride something bigger than a horse (elephant maybe?)
71. Travel somewhere by train
72. Cross a glacier on foot
73. Learn how to make a national dish
74. Travel to Germany and experience Oktoberfest
75. Fall deeply in love – helplessly and unconditionally
76. Sit on a jury
77. Shower in a waterfall
78. Drive across America from coast to coast
79. Own one very expensive but absolutely wonderful item
80.  Lose more money than I can afford in Vegas
81. Make bread from scratch
82. Visit Paris


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