Day 3 of DBBB – Promote!

Today’s task for 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge is to build upon yesterdays task of writing a “list post” and do promotion of that post. Instead of promoting the “list post” I decided to promote the Strawberry Frozen Yogurt post instead. It is much easier to promote a recipe then it is to promote a list of things that I would like to do. I personally don’t think many people are interested in what I want to do in the future. There are so many places and people to promote a good recipe and I have to say it is an awesome recipe. First thing I did was promote it on Food Buzz. I completely love this site and think that it is amazing. There are so many foodies and so many great recipes. I love being a member. Secondly, I promoted the recipe on a couple of blogs that I enjoy who also had frozen yogurt/ice cream recipes. This way we could swap recipes and connect on an “ice cream” level. Third I signed up for Tastespotting. It is my absolute favorite place to find a recipe. The pictures are gorgeous and the recipes are usually amazing. You can find just about anything that you are looking to cook. On Tastespotting though you need to submit your recipe with a picture and they have to ok it. Since the Strawberry Frozen Yogurt post did not have a picture I decided to submit some of my other recipes which did. I am looking forward to seeing if they will be accepted.


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