Nice shoes. Now where did they come from?

With the weather this weekend as it was I decided to do a bit of spring cleaning and spring changing of the wardrobe. I couldn’t believe how much clothing I have that I don’t wear. It made me kind of sad. I had sweaters with tags, things I didn’t remember buying, and shoes still in boxes. I remember buying  most of these items, but don’t know for the life of me why I hadn’t worn them. Maybe it is because K and I have been staying in lately. Maybe it is because I have gained some weight and hate the way certain things fit me. Maybe it was just pure laziness. Making a new outfit is harder then just sticking with your old standbys. Who knows. It could be a bit of them all. It also made me wonder how long these items had been in my closet. I really haven’t gone to the mall or shopping in quite a long time (except for the forced excursion the other day). How long ago were they purchased? Why or how was my day when I purchased them?
It also made me think – how many things do each of us have in household that we easily look over? Things that have been sitting there waiting to be used but pushed aside. How many  useless things to we purchase when we don’t really need them? I have a friend at work who goes shopping every time that she has a bad day. She says that it helps with the stress. I wonder how many things she has in her closet that she doesn’t wear or use. I am going to try to be more selective in the items that I buy from now on. Usually I thought I held off on a lot of items, but I see that sometimes my credit card gets the best of me. I am going to try to really think about the item and such before purchase. I know this is hard sometimes when you see an item that you feel that you just  need. Maybe I will go through everything I have in my closet and actually make a list of the items I need and then have it with me when I do have those days that I find myself at the store wanting to make a purchase.


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