Sayyyy Whhhattt?

I have been thinking about how I am feeling and I don’t like it.  See I have had stomach problems ever since I was a child.  You wouldn’t believe the amount of stomach aches that I have had in my lifetime.  You would faint at the thought of it.   If I get stressed…I get sick.  If I am overly happy…I usually get sick.  If I eat something new or the same old…I get sick.  So long story short – the doctor put me on medication,  I was on said medication for a couple of years doing well, another check-up and he said I should come off the medication BUT I now had diverticulosis (something both my grandmother and mother have – thanks relatives!).    Diverticulosis is a condition when pouches form on the wall of your colon (eww!).  Most people don’t even know they even have it.  I did.  Of course I of all people decide to get the painful diverticulosis.  Imagine the pain of the worst stomach you have ever had…now just add a bit more pain.  So now I am suppose to stay away from anything that has seeds, nuts, or popcorn (yes that is you evil little red fruits).  But as you might have guess I have not stayed away from it all.  Shame shame on me. 
So as of late I have been crazy.  I mean “eat everything I could get my hands on because life is short and I love food and ooOOO this tastes good”.  Not good.  Now I am getting the symptoms of a disease that my grandmother had – Celiac Disease.  Having certain genes can increase your chance of getting it.  You are more likely to have these genes and get celiac disease if a close family member has it (thanks again relatives!).  Celiac disease is a problem some people have with foods that contain gluten. Gluten is a kind of protein found in foods like bread, crackers, and pasta (oh how I adore thee!).  With celiac disease, your immune system attacks the gluten and harms your small intestine when you eat these kinds of foods. This makes it hard for your body to absorb nutrients that keep you healthy. I have most of the symptoms – swelling, bloating, fatigue, weakness, getting sick after I eat gluten and stomach pains.  So I am going to try to be gluten free.  So how is this treated you ask – wellllll you get to avoid all foods that have gluten .  You cannot eat any foods made with wheat, rye, or barley.  You see it seems that people on a gluten-free diet need a sharp eye for labels. Some ingredient red flags are obvious, like wheat, wheat gluten, barley, or rye. But some foods have “stealth” gluten.  Two terms to watch for are malt (which is made from barley) and hydrolyzed vegetable protein (it often contains wheat). Also you can’t drink any beer or ale (oh god shoot me!).  Bid farewell to bread as I know it – that includes white, wheat, marble, and rye (can we be serious here…who can live without these!).    Also off limits are bagels, muffins, croissants (OMG WHHHHYY), hamburger buns, scones – you get the idea. Yes, even pizza.  Pizza seriously?  So then I started looking into other things too.  Frosted Flakes use malt flavoring (think I ate this every day of my childhood).  Cream of Wheat is obvious.  Cheerios contain wheat starch (think I eat these everyday of my adulthood). Breading on most chicken nuggets and fish sticks.  Now here is the worst of the worst.  The most horrible thing about this…CAKES, PIES, COOKIES AND MOST CELEBRATORY TREATS.  Me. Danielle.  No baking. SAYYYY WHHATTT!  Or if I do still bake it must be for someone else or I GET SICK.  Now life just is not fair.  Specialty bakeries or I may be able to create custom-ordered gluten-free cakes, pies, and other treats but alas my old favorites will have to be put down.  Oh how I will miss thee!  Lucky for me…most wines and liquors are generally gluten-free.  Good I can drink!  I think I need one right now!  I am also going have to learn how to decode a restaurant menu or just not go out as much.
I have found out that many health foods stores and some major supermarkets now carry gluten-free products, including an assortment of breads. These are often made with rice or potato flour instead of wheat.  I just have to check the label to make sure it says “100% gluten-free.”  I have found some websites that have gluten-free recipes. I am I ready (I have to be) to start. Now I just have to get rid of everything that I have ever loved to eat…oooooh boy!


3 thoughts on “Sayyyy Whhhattt?

  1. Join the club,,,,but don’t give up!!!! I love food too but have had to change my diet…I also suggest checking out ” food by blood type”…that will make you more depressed as this limits even more food you can eat…My favourite breakfast is rice porridge with sunflower seeds and raisins with rice or almond milk…Good luck

    • Thank you. I know it is a long road ahead but I am looking forward to feeling better in the long run. How I just have to get started =)

  2. Do not give up hope of ever eating your favourite stuff!
    Check out my blog and you will find recipes galore that are actually good. I know because I have tried them all.
    Have a favourite that isn’t on my blog? Ask for it and I will find it for you and try it for you and then I will post it for you (and I don’t want anything in return:)
    go to
    Take care of you
    Aunt Jayne

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