Menu Planning…

I have one small goal this week and that is to get back into Menu Planning. Now that K is not going to school every other day until September I feel like it is important to get back into the routine of having our menu mapped out for the week. We have been eating out waaay too much lately and that is simply because of my lack of planning and preparation for our meals at night. It is just too easy to say “Let’s just eat out since I have nothing planned.” When I have a plan, I find that I stick with it and our evenings are so much easier and we are actually looking forward to making/eating. There are a lot of times when I come home and I just can’t wrap my head around what to eat. With Menu Planning it will be so much easier. I will already have the recipes, ideas and ingredients. Even if I want to go to the gym all K will need to do is pick out a recipe we have ready for the week and start dinner. Now I just have to go through my recipes and pick what we will have for the next week.


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