The Saturday Seven!

1. My Sweet and Saucy– completely jealous she is opening her own bakery. I love her blog because she actually shows you the steps to making a great cake.

2. Sweet Bliss – chocolate so cute that you might not want to eat it. I am thinking of getting some for K and I. We usually have at least one small piece of chocolate after dinner as a treat everyday!

3. Closet Cooking – I love that he is willing to try so many new things. I am hoping to be able to make more recipes likes his.

4. Gluten Free Mommy – new sight I found that looks fun and gluten free. I haven’t really been over most of it but it looks like I will be referring to it often.

5. Baby Cakes – Vegan and gluten free cupcakes! They have a cookbook out also that I would love to get.

6. Hey, that tastes good! – So many good gluten free recipes. I can’t wait to try them!

7. Smitten Kitchen– one of the best food blogs online!


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