Summer loving had me a blast!

My Top 5 Things to Cherish This Summer

1.  Wednesday nights at Frank Sinatra Park in Hoboken.  Every Wednesday night they have “Movies Under the Stars”.  K and I love packing up a picnic and heading over to watch a movie with our friends or just the two of us.
My essentials are: Some freshly cute fruits and veggies, sandwiches, mini bottles of wine, angel food cake.

2.  Summertime brings around some of my favorite fruits, which make for excellent desserts. I am a huge fan of homemade frozen sorbets and summer fruit tarts. 

3.  S’mores over an open fire.  I love sitting around a fire and making them.  Chilly nights couldn’t be more perfect.

4.  An open window on a cool summer night.  I adore hearing the crickets and feeling the cool breeze as I drift off to sleep.

5.  Long walks with my sister.  I love going out on a nice sunny day at the park with my sister and catching some vitamin d.  Nothing is better then good conversation and a good walk.


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