No Bake Milky Way Tarts

Another dessert that I made this weekend for the BBQ was a recipe I have been dying to make from Culinary Concoctions by Peabody.  Every time I go over to to her website I drool.  There are so many different and wonderful recipes that I want to try.  So when I came across the No Bake Milky Way Tarts I knew I had to make it.  It was so simple and delicious!

No Bake Milky Way Tarts
1 package (4 ounces) min i graham cracker pie crust

Midnight Milky Way Layer:
2 Midnight Milky Way bars (1.76 oz each), cut into small pieces
¼ cup semisweet chocolate chips
2 TBSP heavy whipping cream
1 TBSP unsalted butter

Milky Way Mousse
1 Milky Way bar (2.05 oz), cut into small pieces
1 cup plus 1 ½ TBSP heavy whipping cream

Garnish: Cut up Milky Way pieces

Place crust on a rimmed tray.
For the Midnight layer: Put ingredients in a small heavy saucepan over low heat. Stir with a whisk until candy bars, chips cream, and butter melt and mixture is smooth. This takes awhile, about 10-13 minutes. Pour into crush, over and refrigerate 1 hour or until firm, or up to two days. 
For Mousse: Put the regular Milky Way bar and 1 ½ TBSP cream in a small saucepan over low heat. Stir with a whisk until candy melts and mixture is smooth. Refrigerate 15 minutes to cool.
Add remaining 1 cup heavy whipping cream into the bowl of an stand mixer. Using the whisk attachment, whisk cream on high until stiff peaks form.
Add the cooled Milky Way mixture into the chipped cream. Whip for 30 seconds. Spoon into piping bag.  Pipe in a spiral on top of Midnight layer. Serve immediately or refrigerate up to 4 hours.
Right before serving garnish with extra candy pieces.

Mmmmmm MMMmmmm Good!
{No Bake Milky Way Tarts}

*The photo is not the best.  Nothing compaired to Peabody’s.  It was taken with a cell phone camera because I am so behind that I had to rush out and wasn’t able to take the proper picture I would have liked.  Plus I didn’t have any to bring home because everyone one of them was eaten! Oh and no garnish because the candy bar I took to garnish the finished product was eaten too!


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