# 83. Go to the aquarium

# 83. Go to the aquarium

On Wednesday K and I decided to go to the aquarium with my sister and her friend. We were originally going to go to the Brooklyn Aquarium but then decided to go the Camden Aquarium. We all wanted to go on a road trip and thought that driving two hours to the aquarium was as close as we were going to get on a Wednesday afternoon. So onto the Camden Aquarium we went.

* touched a jellyfish
* were able to pet a shark
* ate a lunch that was completely too expensive
* sang every other song on my ipod
* took tons of pictures
* were taught cool little tidbits of information by children
* watched the hippos swim for entirely too long
* touched a lot of stuff (like starfishes) that we didn’t expect to touch
* amazed by the size of certain sharks mouths
* loooooved the jellyfish tank
* enjoyed a lovely day with my sister


* Due to crowds, low light, shooting through glass and so forth there weren’t too many worthy pictures to post online but here are the best of the lot.


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