Is there not one french macaroon in nj?

French macaroons are an amazing chewy meringue cookies that are sandwiched together with a filling. The cookies should be light and chewy, with a crisp “crust” that gives way as soon as you bite down into it. The meringue has a lot of ground almonds incorporated into it which contributes a nutty taste and adds to the chewy finished texture. They are very elegant and are available at many bakeries in France. I have been in search of the perfect french macaroons or at least a french macaroon in New Jersey. I am beginning to think that it doesn’t exists. I can’t tell you how many people I have talked to, how many websites I have visited and how many bakeries I have called. It is getting ridiculous. It seems that the websites that I want to order from need an order of 2 dozen. Now I am only buying these for myself, so I don’t want to buy that many. I highly doubt that I will be able to eat two dozen – it is just way to many. I have also thought of making them, but from the blogs I have read they are a bit hard to make. I am personally looking for instant gratification here. I am beginning to think that I will never find one in New Jersey. I guess K and I are just going to have to take a trip into the city and find a bakery that has them there…

{Macarons from Laduree}

8 thoughts on “Is there not one french macaroon in nj?

  1. I am opening a dessert shop in Little falls Memorial Day Weekend. The name is Asalt & Buttery and address is 480 Main Street, Little Falls, NJ 07424. I have numerous flavors including Salted caramel, chocolate, pistachio, green tea, raspberry, cherry, yuzu (Japanese Citrus), fiori di Sicilia (my favorite) and many more. Our website is still under construction but you can follow us on fb

      • Unfortunately our opening was delayed We are having our final inspection from Litle Falls Jun 1. We will be having a soft opening June 10 and the grand opening about 2 weeks latter. We will also have pavlovas, real sicilian cannoli, eclairs, cupcakes, cookies (choc chip, punitions, sables and more) caneles, scones we are on face book and twitter, “asaltandbuttery” Thank you for your interest and Iwe hope to see you soon! – Maureen

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  3. New Jersey has wonderful French macarons, they are amazing, incredible, from Sciascia Confections, in Stockton, NJ, at the Stockton Market. says Sciascia ‘s macarons are “The best macarons this side of Paris!” Below text is from website. Hope this ends your search for the best French Macarons!

    It was in a small Parisian café with the Louvre in view, that I took my first bite: the famous French Macaron. These pastel-colored delicacies—small, round, cake-like domes (made with almond flour, egg whites, and powdered sugar) with slightly crisp outer shells with soft and slightly chewy middles, and luscious fillings—became my obsession. I fell in love. And I never stopped thinking about these delicate wonders upon returning home.
    Love sick for Paris and its illusive macaron, it took six months of recipe development and 3,000 macarons later before I could say with confidence, “Voila, I did it.” And it is my absolute pleasure to share them with you now. Close your eyes, take a bite and. . . you’ll always have Paris too.
    To purchase Sciascia’s Macarons visit our retail location at The Stockton Market. We offer a palette of over 12 flavors, including fresh cannoli cream with caramelized cocoa nibs, sea-salted caramel, pistachio (made with fresh roasted and salted pistachios), apricot cognac and seasonal creations. Packaged in elegant slide-out boxes (holding 7 or 14 macaroons). Click on our Retail button for information on The Stockton Market, located just outside of New Hope, PA, minutes from Lambertville and Frenchtown NJ. For weddings, parties, and events please contact us, we’d be happy to ‘talk macaron’ with you.

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