95. Watch 10 movies my fiancé wants to watch (4/10)- It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

When K suggested It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World I was a little concerned.  The movie was made in the 60’s and the last couple of movies that he has suggested weren’t the best.  Not only that…it is also a two and a half hour movie.  So we bought some Coldstone ice cream and sat down for the long haul.  The movie is about “Smiler” Grogan who tells onlookers he’s stashed $350,000 in stolen loot beneath “the big W” in the town of Santa Rosita before literally kicking the bucket when his car careens over an embankment and thus begins a mad dash to recover the dough. But unbeknownst to the greedy motorists, police captain T.G. Culpepper – who’s been awaiting a break in the Grogan case for 20 years — is stalking their every move.  I have to say for it being an old movie it was very good.  The concept was interesting and the pace is non-stop.  The greedy treasure hunters employ every means at their disposable to seek out the treasure – including cars, trucks, planes, forklift, and even one little girl’s bike.  The unfolding of the story keeps you looking forward to what will happen next.  There were a lot of great classic actors and familiar old faces (Buster Keaton, Jack Benny, Don Knotts, The Three Stooges, Marvin Kaplan and Arnold Stang).   The gas station scene was priceless!


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