If I can donate blood anyone can!

Ever do something that you have been scared to do for a long time? Well I did one of my all time scariest things…I donated blood. Donated blood you say…that’s not so bad! Well…for me it is. I have always been the girl who faints when they take blood at the doctors. I am the type who gets queasy when she watches operations on the television. Who always has the feeling I am going to topple over when I get hurt. One who is scared of the needle. So when K (being the good hearted person he is) saw that they had a donation place where we were shopping he went for it. He gives blood every time he gets a chance and when it is ok for him to do so. Me on the other hand hasn’t given once. So when he was filling out the paperwork something just came over me. I wanted to help. I wanted to not be afraid to do something as simple as giving blood. It could help another person. Who wouldn’t want to help? So with pen in hand I filled out the paperwork. The people there were amazingly nice. They walked me through the whole thing and joked with me so I wouldn’t be scared. K said that he was so proud of me. I am proud of me too. I did something that I have been scared of for a long time. I stood up to a fear and it felt great!

** Do Before I Die # 21. Give blood


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