Seven more days. Seven more days.

Seven more days. Seven more days. That is what I have to keep telling myself. Seven more days and I will be on a plane to California for some much needed rest and relaxation. I can’t wait. I haven’t been on vacation since last year and I am really feeling like I just need to get away. So much has been happening lately and I just need some time to recoop and get back into things. K and I have been swamped for weeks – be it going out, work, working out, cleaning, laundry, more work and more plans. It seems that we haven’t had any time to breath. I am also looking forward to seeing two of our best friends who moved to California and just having fun and not worrying about anything. I also can’t wait to see the sun (with all the rain we have been getting in New Jersey I haven’t seen the sun in weeks). Can’t wait to have a couple of drinks. To walk on the beach. To eat some In and Out. We might even take a two day trip to Vegas for the hell of it. Who knows. Who cares. It is away and away is what I need and crave right now.


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