Requests! Sweet!

Three orders for Martha’s Classic Crumb Cake in one week…can you believe that! Well, they are not actually orders (because I am not selling them) but requests!

1.  My mothers friend at work. She is having a together over the weekend and has requested that I make the cake for it. My mother had brought a piece to work for her. She needed to get some of the cake out of the house because my father was actually going to eat the whole cake himself (that is how much he liked it!).

2. My sister took some of the cake to school with her and shared it with one of the teachers she worked with. The teachers are having a bit of an “end of the school year” party and the teacher requested that my sister bring the cake. Sweet!

3. I took some of the cake to work with me. The ladies at work are always eyeing whatever I bring and then requesting me to bring it in. Usually I make something for them every couple of weeks. Last time it was Pioneer Women’s Peanut Butter Pie. I guess this time it is going to be Martha’s Classic Crumb Cake.

I never knew when I made this recipe that it would become so popular. Usually my go to recipe for a party is my Banana Bread – you wouldn’t believe the requests I get for this one. I actually need to get tons of bananas in the summer because every family BBQ I go to they want it. That recipe is a new family secret and I have yet to give it away! I think that at my next family BBQ I am going to bring the Martha’s Classic Crumb Cake also and see what the masses think. I think so far they like it…

*Side note: I guess I am going to have to end up buying Martha’s Baking Handbook. K is not going to be happy about another cookbook, but it is too good to pass up!


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