K in the kitchen…

So after a long day of working I came home to K cooking. This is an unusually odd sight because I am the cooker while he is the dish washer. But I have to admit that when he does cook it usually comes out amazing. He is just like his brother – they both know how to cook completely without a recipe. I can do it, but not as well as those two can. They amaze me. A couple of years ago when they were living together I stopped by to see what they were up to. When I had called K said he was cooking with his brother. I couldn’t believe this so I had to see it for myself. When I arrived they both were in the kitchen looking into a huge pot. They happen to be making chili. Now I make a mean ass chili, but I have never tasted a chili like these two guys put together. It was hot yet sweet. It was one of the best chilis I have ever tasted. It seems that they just started adding ingredients and would taste, then add more. To this day they don’t know exactly how much of what or even what they put into it. It is a shame…it was a wonderful chili!
So he decided to make stuffed peppers. They were very good, but a little spicy for me. Next time he is going to tone down the hot factor. Otherwise it was a great dinner and I hope to come home and find him cooking more often!

{K’s Stuffed Peppers}


2 thoughts on “K in the kitchen…

  1. That is what separates the good cooks from a great cook.
    I learned from my great-grandmother and my grandmother, they never had a recipe to go by so that’s how they both taught me.

    I’m trying to teach my son the same way so he will not be depending on a woman to cook for him some day.


  2. that stuffed pepper looks super tasty. i suggested having these to my boyfriend several weeks back but he was not very enthusiastic. I will have to mention them again 🙂

    i am very lucky in that he does most of the cooking and i just have to help with the sides.

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