Need sleep…

I want to go to sleep so badly today, but can’t seem to get to bed.  I have been up since the crack of dawn and just sat down to finally relax.  I don’t think that the two cups of coffee that I drank today are helping either.  I am not a coffee drinker so I believe the two cups are going to keep me up all night.  This morning I found out that a drunk driver completely totaled my mothers car and wrecked part of my fathers car.  She was driving 50 down their street and hit my mothers car from behind which then pushed my mothers car into my fathers.  They were lucky that it was 3am and that no one was around to get hurt.  The women was completely drunk and then asked my parents not to call the police.  Ridiculous.  So now my mother doesn’t have a car.  After finding this out, I had work.  Work was completely busy because all of the kids have off and we are only in the office next week for two days.  After work I had dinner with my parents and K.  It was good to get out and have a good laugh and some great dinner.  After dinner I hung out with my family a bit while K went home to head to bed (he has to wake up early tomorrow for work).  I finally walked in a bit ago and know that I need to get to bed, but know that it isn’t going to happen anytime soon.  I feel as though I will start cleaning or something with all this energy I have.  All I really want to do is go to sleep so that I can wake up tomorrow to start another busy day.  Unfortunately I don’t think that is going to happen…


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