Now what do we eat?

So there hasn’t been much on the cooking/baking end here for last couple of days and it has been killing me. I love coming home every night and figuring out what to cook. Unfortunately, since we are going on vacation we have pretty much dwindled down all of our foods. There are no fresh fruits or vegetables. No cheese. No eggs. Very little milk. Our meats are down to the bone. On top of having no fresh foods K and I haven’t been home together since Tuesday. It has been such a hectic week that we have been running around like chickens without heads. I am looking forward to just having time to do nothing when we are out in California. And of course some time to see some sites. It really doesn’t feel as though we are going anywhere because neither of us have packed. Ekk! I am usually packed a week in advance! I really think I should get on that…


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