Things I should have been doing…

Things I should have been doing today but didn’t:

1. Packing. I leave in a day and half and what did I decide to do with K today after work – Wendy’s and a movie.  Sayyy what?!?!

2. Baking the friendship bread. I just couldn’t get my ass up to even think about baking it today. Work was so long and crazy that I just could bring myself to do much of anything when I came home.

3. The gym. My sister asked me to go. But did I? No. I should have. I think I would have felt a thousand times better then I do right now. Bad Wendy Bad.

4. Ironing. In order to pack I need to iron some of my clothing. On top of that I need to iron my scrubs so when I get home I don’t have to do it right before work after we get off the flight.

5. Getting Big Red ready for the trip to my parents. I can’t have Big Red at home all by himself. How would he eat?

6. Packing my carry on.  I am a freak about my carry on.  It must have everything I need.  Books.  Snacks. Water. iPod.  Hand Cream. PSP. GameBoy. Games.  

7. Cooking dinner.  I know I should have cooked dinner. We should have eaten in. We are going to be eating out for the next week.  But no. I wanted Wendy’s. Again…Bad Wendy Bad.


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