The non official start to the official vacation…

I love waking up early and having tea in bed with a good book.  Since today was my first official day of our vacation that is what I decided to do.  I needed a little relaxation time before starting off the day.  You see today I needed to get down to business and get packing.  Everything that I put off yesterday needed to get done and today is the last day left.  So after a couple of chapters and an awesome tea I went on my merry way.  I packed so many cute new outfits that I bought and can’t wait to wear them.  Especially my new Michael Kors flip flops.  I completely flipped when I saw them and needed to buy them.

{Can’t wait to wear them!}


After packing I decided I needed to make the friendship bread that Bookish Penguin gave me. Instead of making it all in one pan I made it into muffins. Muffins are so much easier and smaller. This way I could freeze all of the muffins (except for the two I ate today). I didn’t want to make the bread and then have it go to waste because we were leaving. So now our freezer is full of friendship muffins. At least we will have something to eat when we return!
After some baking I finished the rest of the cleaning that I had, packed up my bag for the flight and cuddled with K a little. Then off for a waxing and to go with my mother to pick up her new car. It was a pretty eventful day and now I can’t wait to crawl into bed and get some well needed sleep. Then wake up tomorrow to start my “real” vacation.


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