The MeMe Award!

After returning from California I found that that the wonderful Bookish Penguin had awarded me with the MeMe Award.  What a surprise!

What is a MeMe Award you ask?   I have to share with my readers 7 things you don’t know about me and then pass the award on to 7 of my readers.

Interesting.  I had to figure out 7 things to write that I hadn’t written before.  I juggled around some ideas and here is what I came up with… 

1.  I am bit obsessive compulsive.  I don’t believe in only checking the door once.  For some reason I needed to check it at least twice.  Along with the stove and the lights.  I know this isn’t healthy, but I have done it all my life.

2.  The 101 in 1001 list that I have composed along with the List of things to do before I die has really helped me get out my shell.  It makes me want to go out and do more.  Some of the things on my list I have been afraid to do, but for some reason having them written down and for you all to see has made me a bit more adventurous and made me go out and do some of them.

3. I have been engaged for almost 10 months but have yet to make any plans for the wedding.  Seems that most girls who get engaged go into this tizzy about planning their wedding day.  I am not one of them.  The planning will start soon…I promise. 

4.  I am not a coffee person.  A friend jokes that when she sees me drinking coffee she know that I am having a “polite” cup.  I only have coffee when I haven’t slept all night and need a bit of a pick me up.  And when that does happen it is more milk and sugar then coffee.

5.  I used to have an extensive amount of books.  When we moved into our apartment about half the boxes that came in were full of books.  After not having a place to put them I decided to donate almost all of them to the local library.  I would rather have someone reading them then have them sitting on a shelf collecting dust.  Books are meant to be read, not as decorations.  I did however keep a box full of my favorites that I couldn’t let go…

6.  I know a lot of random, useless crap.  My father calls me the human remote control because I can walk into a room and know exactly what is on the television and who is in the movie/show.  BUT if you ask me what we are doing next week or what I had for breakfast two days ago I couldn’t tell you.  Guess all that useless crap took over… 

7.  I am a night person.  If I could work at night and make a great living at it I would.  I would sleep all day and work at night.  For some reason the night calls to me more then the day does.

Now dear readers it is time for me to pass on the MeMe Award to you.  Seven blogger readers I’d love to hear more from and think you should check out: 

Andi and Saam @ Bon Joon – an adorable site about food, fashion and fun!

Irene @ Confessions of a Tart – I adore her recipes and she makes me strive to be a better cook.  I sometimes feel like eating my screen when I see her posts! 

Olivia @ Ohlivin!– She is always making me laugh with her dating woah’s! She is hysterical and witty! 

Lailia @ Laila Blog’s – I love her step by step recipes with photos!  The endings are always mouthwatering.

Peabody @ Culinary Concoctions by Peabody– Droolworthy!  I want to make everything she has ever posted.  Everything…

Kerstin @ Cake Batter and Bowl – she always has original recipes for quick, healthy, and inexpensive weeknight meals and fun weekend treats. 

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction– I loooove her Friday Favorites.  She is always showing me new blogs/recipes that I have on my “must make” list.


3 thoughts on “The MeMe Award!

  1. Thanx alot Danielle … we seem to have a couple of things in common 😀 .. i am too a coffee person .. and i do have a little of that obsessive compulsive behavior myself … but im trying to work on it though 😀 .. well thanx again for this award … and stay in touch 🙂 .. Laila ..

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