The two houses of San Diego! Check them out!

The first night K and I were in San Diego we went to the The Yard House and The Shout House. These are two places you should go when you are in San Diego. We had a blast!

The Yard House is an upscale-casual eatery known for its extensive menu, classic rock music, and world’s largest selection of draft beer. From classic lagers to more obscure ales and stouts there’s a draft beer flavor for everyone. Each Yard House location features a transparent keg room containing more than 600 barrels, some 1,000 gallons of beer, and an endless fleet of tap handles – 100 to 250 – depending on the location. Each beer comes in a pint, goblet, six pack or even the huge half yard (not for the wary!). The menu of American cuisine includes an impressive selection of appetizers, salads, pastas, sandwiches, individual-size pizzas, seafood, steaks, ribs and chops.

The Shout House consists of dueling piano players. The two piano players/singers perform at two, face to face grand pianos in front of two large mirrors performing the classic rock ‘n roll hits from the 1950s to the present. It’s request driven by the audience and with the use of multiple teams, goes non-stop all night. It is hilarious. I couldn’t tell you how hard I was laughing. The two players change the words to the songs, sing and play songs you love to sing to at bars and just have an all around good time.


4 thoughts on “The two houses of San Diego! Check them out!

  1. Ooo dueling pianos! Though I live in NY I am a Cali girl so I know weekends at the Yardhouse well. . . Sounds like you had great time in good ol’ SD!

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