# 23. Kayak in the ocean

When K and I were in California we decided that we wanted to go kayaking in the ocean. It is something that neither of us had done before and has been on “My List of Things to Before I Die”.
When we first got to the place they geared us up with life jackets, helmets and instructions. Usually for kayaking you don’t need a helmet but we opted for the tour of the 7 Caves and sea cliffs experience. The area we were in was La Jolla. The sea caves of La Jolla open outward along the waterline of the cliffs just east of the cove. Carved out over the centuries, these awe inspiring cliff formations are easily viewed and visited by kayakers, snorkelers, swimmers, and tourists. They are often overlooked because of their sheltered location, but a trip to their waters is an unforgettable experience and a treasure worth seeking.
So all suited up we headed for the kayaks. The first time trying to get into the ocean was comical. Both K and I fell out of the boat and into the surf. Pulling our boat out we tried again. Again we fell out. The third time we got it right and off through the waves we paddled. Finally after getting through the waves we made it to calmer waters. There we practiced our paddling (you both have to paddle same side/same time). The guide then took us to the first cave. It was so exciting entering the cave and knowing that the water had formed it. Each cave was unique. Afterwards, we paddled around and were visited by sea lions, fish and leopard sharks. I was a bit nervous at first having never seen sharks/sea lions so close and in the wild. I keep hearing the Jaws soundtrack in my head even though there was no way that they could hurt us.
While sitting out in the ocean I began to realize how small we really are. How there are so many things out in the world that we won’t experience or even see. How many other things are so much more important then taking out the garbage and/or missing your favorite television show. It has made me want to go out and do something. Anything. We have been trying to schedule outdoor activities. Things that will get us out and really enjoy nature and our bodies. I want to experience everything that this world has and enjoy this life I have.


5 thoughts on “# 23. Kayak in the ocean

  1. My husband and I went kayaking on a lake for the first time a few weeks ago and it was wonderful. I didn’t realize how close to the water I would be sitting and how small the boat would be, so I was scared at first, even though the water was calm and there are no big fish in the lake. I really loved it, it gave me a feeling of freedom.

    • K and I are thinking that the next time we try kayaking that it will be in a lake. It seems like it would be much calmer then in the ocean.
      I completely know how you feel. When we got over the waves that was when I actually realized how close the water was and how small the kayak was. Then was when I started feeling a bit nervous, but felt this amazing feeling of freedome to move around and explore!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! 🙂 This sounds like a great experience! When I was a child we spent a lot of time in Monterey and you can kayak in the bay right around the Aquarium. I haven’t done it yet, but it’s something I definitely want to try!

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