Warwick Vallery Winery & Distillery

We first  thought of visiting the Warwick Vallery Winery & Distillery a couple of months ago, but due to the weather had to reschedule. We’ve traveled to Upper New York State before visiting wineries and thought this one seemed close and sounded relaxing. We were right, it was an absolutely wonderful Saturday. It was full of friendly people, great weather, great wine and a really relaxing visit.
When we first arrived our new friends M & M (heheh…their names start with the same letter) asked if we were hungry. They told us that they had been to this winery many of times and that the food there was amazing.  They weren’t wrong! K and I decided to share the Fruit & Cheese Platter which contained a variety of cheeses including gorgonzola, white cheddar and baked brie and seasonal fruits with an assortment of fresh artisan breads and extra virgin olive oil. Mouthwatering (just writing about them makes me want to eat them all over again). We also split the grilled marinated chicken breast sandwich with provolone and prosuitto. Out of this world! The bread that came with both of the dishes was fresh and aromatic. I think it was because they bake fresh bread from scratch every weekend morning! To wash down lunch the four of us had two bottles of the Black Dirt Blush. It is a unique wine with a blend of Catawba, Vincent and Delaware grapes which are varieties native to Eastern North America. These grapes make for an excellent blush wine with flavors of grape and apricot. I even bought a bottle for home because I loved it so much.

So after being completely full we decided to head down to the Tasting Room to explore the many offerings of wines, ciders, brandies and liqueurs that the winery had available. K and I tried everything and bought the Black Dirt Blush, Harvest Moon, and the Doc Draft Hard Raspberry Cider.

Since it was such a nice day out we decided to buy a couple of bottles (ok..three to be exact) and head out to the picnic area. We relaxed, drank and had wonderful conversations about life, wine, movies and just about everything. It felt great to make two new friends and we are definately going to go back in September together for the Apple and Pear picking. AND if I can convince K – berry picking sometime soon!!


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