# 44. Go to the theatre in NYC a 3 times this year (1/3) – Phantom of the Opera

Ever have one of those days that everything is just perfect.  You get everywhere on time, no lines, no rain, perfect food and just an all around feeling of happiness.  Well I had one of those days Wednesday.
My friend L had come up from Virginia for a visit.   I hadn’t seen her in months and was ecstatic to be able to spend time with her.  We decided to go into the city to see if we could get cheap tickets to a Broadway show and have a bit of lunch. We bought our tickets at TKTS for 50 % off – since we heard so many good things about Phantom of the Opera we decided that it was the show we would watch. I am completely glad that we decided to go to see Phantom. The costumes were amazing. The singing was out of this world. Twice I was brought to tears by the story line.


When we were scheduling our time in the city, L and I were trying to figure out where we should dine for lunch. We had heard it was restaurant week in NYC and decided to go to one of the more expensive restaurants since we could go there, eat and save. We were able to get a reservation at Ruby Foo’s. Due to the our lunch for $25.00 each we decided to go nuts and a get bottle of amazing wine. I don’t remember the exact one we got, but I do have it written down somewhere. Neither of us had eaten breakfast that morning so the bottle was our little bit of breakfast.

{The interior of Ruby Foo’s}

The food at Ruby Foo’s was excellent. We both got appetizers, meals and desserts. Below are the pictures of the appetizers and desserts, but no meals. We both were a little silly on the wine and with all the conversation we were having we completely forgot to take pictures of them!  

{Apps and Desserts}

All and all Wednesday was an excellent day. I loving meeting up with friends and having a great time.

* Completed more 101’s! Slowly but surely getting there!
            # 44. Go to the theatre in NYC a 3 times this year (1/3)
            # 87. Have a “girls’ night/day/afternoon” 5 times (4/5)


7 thoughts on “# 44. Go to the theatre in NYC a 3 times this year (1/3) – Phantom of the Opera

  1. Why didn’t you mention something! I could have given you a jillion recommendations!! Definitely let me know next time maybe we can meet up!
    Love to meet my fellow bloggers.

      • Depends on what you would have wanted to do. I have never met a fellow blogger except I happen to already be friends with Sarah from “Tales of Expansion.”
        I always have a bevy of NY ideas!

  2. Ooh, what a lovely, out of this world day! A day which includes words like Phantom of the Opera and Ruby Foo are priceless. Probably missing a Disneyland somewhere =D

  3. I absolutely LOVE The Phantom of The Opera! It is my all time favorite broadway play. I saw it many years ago and I hope to see it again some day soon. It brought me to tears too… the story always does.
    I admit… I’m a bit obsessed with that play/storyline!

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