Don’t judge me monkey!

I am so ashamed. I haven’t cooked dinner in nearly six days. It is not that I haven’t wanted to cook. I have actually been dying to get into the kitchen. Recipes are piling up in there begging to be made. It is just that each day K and I have had something that needed to be done, somewhere to go, having someone over for a bit or just trying to fight this cold we are sharing. Today I actually had some Cheetos for dinner. I know..shame shame on me. It is not for the lack of food in the refrigerator but the lack of motivation I have right now. I do have to tell you though those Cheetos were damn good!
I promise that once things settle down I will have some recipes to post, food every night being cooked and no excuses.


One thought on “Don’t judge me monkey!

  1. Don’t feel bad. . . I’m totally too busy doing anthing and nothing to blog. I had french fries for dinner. jikes. It happens to the best of us.

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